Family Reunification Service

A software-as-service solution that provides Tools for the Heroes in organizations that help reunite family members and loved ones.

Low Probability, High Impact

Despite their best efforts, few are fully equipped to deal with the unforeseen and unimaginable.

Our Family Reunification Service enhances capacities to meet response needs related to mass fatality incidents, active shooter situations, natural disasters, aviation accidents, terrorist acts, explosions, and more.

Industry Specializations

All organizations are at risk for crises, but some are more vulnerable than others. Whether you must comply with federally mandated disaster preparedness protocols or want to be better prepared for managing a large-scale crisis, our solution is designed for:

Harness the power of SMS to quickly communicate and identify those who are safe and focus on those who are not. Marked Safe introduces a new module called Messages, leveraging the power and reliability of SMS for quick and efficient communication. It enables your organization to poll recipients confirming the safety of those unaffected and using a structured response to change their status to Marked Safe or to know that they need help as well as provide additional information. Read more about the Marked Safe feature.

During a major event, our software-as-service's power increases exponentially when organizations can work together to locate missing family members or loved ones. Connect enhances the ability to create a private, secure network of organizations working together.

Features of Our Family Reunification Service

When you’ve observed multiple organizations attempting to respond, collect information, and make sense of it all in the heat of the moment, you recognize the need for a better way:

Feature Why It Matters
Digital intake forms are fully customizable to support your organization's needs Replaces the work associated with hotline calls where team members must collect, document, and process calls.
Locate, track, and account for people Reduces efforts of multiple resources on people that have already been located.
Organize information by reporting the person and person being located Enables team members to accelerate the process of locating records that need focus.
Cloud-based for enhanced security and availability Provides for redundant data centers in multiple locations should a single data center be affected by an event; multiple failovers are available, making the service available to the organization and the families needing to locate a missing person.
Supports 200+ languages Removes barriers enabling accurate communication of critical information
Integrates seamlessly into your existing organization's network Reduces the time it takes for team members to access the reported missing person’s information safely and securely.
Zero Trust Design Enhances security and protects the organization and the information provided by a missing person’s family or loved one.
Mobile friendly so that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere Family or loved ones can report a missing person anywhere on almost any internet-connected device.
State-of-the-art tools for organization and searching Enables team members to accelerate the process of locating records that need focus.
Personalization using your organization's colors and logo Insures the reported person that the communications they receive are from your organization.
SSO and OAuth Support Reduces the time it takes for team members to access the reported missing person’s information safely and securely.

Our Mission is to Improve the Family Reunification Process.

After hearing firsthand about an incident where a prominent healthcare organization faced challenges managing incoming information requests and effectively organizing, searching for, and communicating with the families needing information, our Co-Founders were inspired to help improve it.

As we started our journey to create our Family Reunification Service we were inspired by other organizations including American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP),The Joint Commission, The Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Read what we learned about prioritizing the needs of children and families during emergencies from these organizations. Elev8 Technologies and the Importance of Family Reunification Services

Our current solution provides tools for digital intake, searching, and organizing while using state-of-the-art technology. The tools enable your team to focus on the families needing information and reduce the angst of waiting and not knowing.

But we are not done and have a lot more on the horizon. We possess a clear vision and a roadmap that now serve as our mission to enable us to continually improve our service and aspire to be your dedicated partner in Family Reunification.

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